MWLUG – and now a word from our sponsors…

MWLUG was a great conference.  It is always very inspiring to see all the ways these hard-core individuals are stretching the boundaries what can be done with Notes and Domino, integrating it with lots of new technologies (or at least technologies that are new to me ‘-).

Unfortunately from what I understand, sponsors were a bit disappointed by the amount of traffic at their booths.  I can understand that if your job is in sales that you want to see direct results from your efforts.

However, I’d like to point out that although MWLUG may not have generated a lot of new leads for the sponsors, sponsorship is really important for keeping the Notes/Domino market alive. LUG attendees are really the most ardent champions of the product, and we are the ones that are doing the most to keep companies from leaving it for other technologies. Unfortunately, since most of us have been to lots of LUGs and IBM Connect/Lotuspheres we are pretty familiar with most of the sponsors and their products.

My point is that from a direct accounting perspective it may not look like LUG sponsorship brings a good return on investment, but from a larger perspective, sponsorship is the most cost-effective thing your companies can be doing to keep the market for your products alive.

When I tell my customers that I’m flying off to attend an event, it gives them the reassuring message that the products are being used by lots of others – which is a good message to counter all the FUD that they’re hearing from the competition.

Thank you for sponsoring LUG events.  We really appreciate it.


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