Note to IBM: Never use the word “legacy”

Sorry to start the New Year with a complaint, but man, this annoys the $h!T out of me!

Yesterday I was at a customer’s office getting some new engineering students up and running with Notes.   When one of them mentions being less than thrilled to have to use Notes, I start championing the product -explaining the reasons why a smart engineering research company like this one continues to it.

So we go to set up his Android to use Traveler, and although I’ve seen it before today (they added it in a Traveler Fix Pack, no less!) it really bugged me to see the Traveler Page give the options:

Download the IBM Verse client for Android from the app store
Download the legacy IBM Traveler client for Android

Dear IBM,

First of all, hijacking Traveler’s set up page and putting the Verse link above the Traveler link is such a blatant attempt to push your new product, that it looks like a cheap trick.  Plus, on many devices the links run together, looking like it is a single link.

More importantly to Domino customers is that so many factions have been trying to get them to switch to something else for years (no, decades), and one of the best features added to Domino in recent years that has helped keep customers from doing just that is Traveler.  Many people love it.  So, to call one of Domino’s best features “legacy” is like poisoning your own well.

To IBM product marketing, I wish you well, but just switching to the latest IBM stuff is not a likely option for hardly any of the SMB companies that I work with.  So, to think they’ll just adopt it because you’d like them to is just wishful thinking.  Right now, you’re just confusing them.  If you stand half a chance of them doing it in the future, it will because they feel good about keeping and using Domino.

Never use the word “legacy” in your own product about your own product.