Quick Tip On Refreshing Templates

Was watching another one of David Leedy’s NotesIn9 videos the other day, and he mentioned how he likes to use local templates for development and throughout the day is constantly pushing the changes up to the the server database using Application >> Refresh Design…   I do the same thing because it’s so much faster to do XPages development on a local NTF.

This is just a small tip, but if you’re not aware of this it will save you lots of clicks during the course of a day.

Create a custom toolbar button for the Notes “Workspace” toolbar that does @Command([DesignRefresh]).  With this you can click once on the database that you want to push the changes to select it, click the toolbar button, and hit ENTER twice.*

Before I noticed this @Command and it clicked in my head to put it in a button, I used to right-click on the db icon and go through the menus every time.

If you’re not familiar with creating your own buttons in Notes, you’re probably not alone.  It’s not in a place most people typically go…

  1. In Notes, go to File >> Preferences
  2. On the left, expand Toolbar and click Customize
  3. Select “Workspace” for the Toolbar to Customize
  4. Click the New >> Button
  5. Use “Design Refresh” for the Button Caption and Popup Help text
  6. Use @Command([DesignRefresh]) for the formula , and hit OK.

*  For this to work easily, make sure your templates are in the root of your local Notes data folder.


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