Like moving to a new house

Maybe not the greatest analogy, but when thinking about migrating Notes applications to a different platform it’s like when you are about to move to a new house…    that’s when you start to realize how many things you have accumulated over the years, bit by bit.  Much of which is stored away out of sight, that you had forgotten about that you own.  A lot of it is very useful, but a lot of it is pure junk, and no one knows why it’s been kept.

“What does this do and/or work with, anyway?” and “Who put this here and why was it left here?”   After figuring out what you’ve got, you have to decide if there’s room for it in the new place.  Maybe the new place doesn’t have anywhere you can put that appliance.      What will you have to leave behind and do without?    When you move it and put it in a new place will anyone be able to find it or will it be a mess in a new location?  Will all those things still work?




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