SOLUTION: Domino Server Setup Won’t Complete on Windows 2016

A quick note that may save admins some aggravation…

Today I installed an additional Domino 9.0.1 Server for one of my customers on a new VM with Windows Server 2016.

PROBLEM:  After a successful installation, the server setup gets to 20% complete and stops with the “Server not responding” error.

Normally, this means that the server does not have proper network connectivity to talk to the other Domino server (where it pulls a replica of the Domino Directory) — usually the firewall is not allowing Notes port 1352 traffic to pass  -OR-  the wrong IP address or server name was used.

But I ruled this out by installing and successfully setting up a Notes 9.0.1 Client — that worked to connect to the other server  — what the what ???


SOLUTION:   Install Feature Pack 8 before doing the setup —  FP8 now provides support for Windows Server 2016.     (I had installed Fix Pack 7, but still no dice.)


Frankly, I’ve gotten so used to the Domino server install & setup “just working” over the years with all the new Windows Server releases that I’ve gotten very lazy about reading release notes for required software versions.


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