Domino Designer Java issues with FP9 ???

I installed Notes Feature Pack 9 on my Windows 10 laptop the other day and have been running into various fluky issues.  Some custom toolbar buttons stopped working, so I tried running the FP9 installer again to uninstall it.   Even though it says it’s uninstalling it, when I restart Notes it is still on FP9.

Just went to edit a Java agent, and it won’t even open in the editor.  Instead it tells me “Could not open the editor: Error – null.”

Trying to open an XPage custom control yesterday, and it was giving ClassPath errors.   Must be related to the newer version of Java.

Since, I work for a number of clients using different version of Domino, I have to keep everything compatible.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to troubleshoot this further, and am going to have uninstall Notes and reinstall since the FP9 installer won’t roll back to a previous version.

Over the years, I’ve installed tons of new versions and fix packs.  Very seldom were there any issues, but not anymore.   Arg…




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