What Domino Server Backup Software Do You Recommend?

Just putting this out the the community…   What does your organization use to backup their Domino servers?   (and is it on-prem or cloud-based?)

I’ve got a customer using an old version of Symantec Backup Exec that is moving their Domino server to a VM with Windows Server 2016.

Veritas bought the Backup Exec product from Symantec a few years back, and their newer versions no longer support backing up Domino NSFs.

Anyone using CloudBacko  or HandyBackup ? https://www.handybackup.net/manual/v7/plugins/lotus-notes.shtml    (they mention Domino)

Any and all recommendations  would be appreciated – Thanks



9 thoughts on “What Domino Server Backup Software Do You Recommend?

  1. Sean Cull

    Very tricky one. We generally shutdown the servers briefly and copy the nsfs. It is quicker now that the views can be excluded.

    We tried creating replicas to an area outside of the Notes data directory and copying those but that is problematical.

    For Virtual Servers we backup the whole server and can then mount the drives to recover specific files.

    If Notes is to flourish again HCL should consider making a simple backup tool.

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  2. Günther Rupitz

    In the past we used HandyBackup for the Domino Server in small locations. It is a really nice little piece of software and the support is great.

    Now we use EMC Networker for our central backup.
    All features we need are supported, including DAOS. The deduplication factor is really good.

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  3. We use Veeam B&R for all backups.
    I have been pestering IBM about getting VSS support into the Windows version of Domino for 10+ years, but to no avail. Not having VSS support for a Database server is really intolerable.

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  4. patrick Sawyer

    For a while I REALLY enjoyed using Veritas’ Netbackup. It integrated with transactional logging and DAOS so you could do point and time restores. Really slick. It would restore the transaction logs and the daos files and give you a restore down to the minute. If I was looking for a Domino backup solution I would make sure that PIT recovery was part of the package.

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  5. Oliver Regelmann

    In a virtual engironment I‘d go for something that can restore the whole VMs quickly. You might have to shutdown the Domino server or at least drop all sessions and clear the cache for that.

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