Am I Seriously Going To Have To Rollback Some Notes V10 Clients?

As usual,  when a major Notes / Domino release comes out  I test it out on some machines, see if I hear of any member of the community complaining about problems,  and then use it on my main client for a good amount of time before installing it for any customers.    Outside of one Domino Designer issue I had with V10 (see previous post),  I haven’t found any problems with the 10.0.1 client.

However, last week I installed it on 6 Notes clients at my customer’s office, and 2 of them have weird issues.   One cannot drag ‘n drop file attachments into emails, a feature that he uses a lot.  It only is a problem for this one user.  I even did a complete uninstall / reinstall  (including FP2 ).

Another tells me Copy As Table and pasting into Excel gives her blank rows in between each data row.   Works fine for me, but I can’t figure out why not for her.

Both are relatively small features, but no one wants an “upgrade” that takes away features that they use.

Anyone else seeing these or other client problems with the new release?

If a problem isn’t consistently happening on every client with the same version, generally it’s not considered a bug in the product – but, if I’m going to spend significant time trying to figure out why things that always worked no longer do, and the main variable that has changed is that a new version was installed, it still feels like a bug.  HCL QA what’s up?



7 thoughts on “Am I Seriously Going To Have To Rollback Some Notes V10 Clients?

  1. Pavel Zhe

    I coudn’t upgrade my Notes/Admin/Designer client from 9.0.1FP10IF6 to 10.0.1FP1 directly – v10 crashed on startup after upgrade when displaying Workspace. Removing Cache.NDK didn’t help. So, I unistalled v9, rename ‘Notes’ folder to ‘Notes_old’ then install v10. It working. Then, move archive and local replica to new install. I left my desktop8.ndk in old place and restore my Workspace by opening DB from server.


  2. Curious if you’ve tried deleting or renaming the workspace folder? Also, what if you go into Notes Basic with the user having the copy as table issue (something I use frequently as well!) to see if it works there? Very odd issues, but it isn’t sounding good for you to have issues like this on 1 out of 3 machines!


    1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I had totally uninstalled Notes, used the NICE tool, then manually deleted or renamed the Notes program and data folders.

      But Chris, it’s not quite that bad, only 2 bad ones out of 8.

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  3. Friedhelm Klein

    The drag and drop issue happens when you run notes as administrator while the explorer still runs with normal rights. I had cases where a “smart” user changed the notes icon properties to run the client as Admin, whyever. Then the clipboard is unable to transfer files between the normal user and the one with elevated rights.

    Copy as table can give other results when the screen resolution is lower and column content is wraped around, maybe that’s the real cause.


    1. Thanks Friedhelm, In this case, I was the so-called “smart” user that turned it on (ha – grasping at straws when nothing seemed to work). That definitely disabled drag ‘n drop when I tried it on my own computer. But when the problem user did uncheck “Run as Admin”, drag ‘n drop still didn’t work for him (arg!).

      I know the “copy as table” problem user did change to low resolution, and I’ve asked her to check that. – will let you know.

      Thanks again for excellent recommendations.


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